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Do you struggle with low self-esteem?

Remember you are already enough.. You are so blessed in so many ways... You have it all in you... You just need to look into yourself and acknowledge yourself...

We all carry voices in our heads from decades... Which are simply the noises we picked up and started believing in them as our own thoughts and identity..

That aunt who commented on your weight on that party just blurted it out without even being mindful of what she said and moved on to comment on someone else.. But you held on to that mindless, senseless comment and dint realize when it became your own inner voice (critic) that holds you from trying and doing things you love.. But hesitate..

Well it could be an aunt, family, teacher, boss, stranger, spouse... It could be about your weight, height, complexion, teeth, whatever it was... It's time to let it go.. Change that thought with the positive things you have been told by other positive people (aunt, family, teacher, boss, spouse or even stranger) in your life..

Don't stop there.. Reprogram your mind with your positive words. Affirm.. I am confident...

Do you want me to share affirmations?

Let me know in the comments 👇


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