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Letting Go!

If you are constantly bombarded by the thoughts from the past, I just want to say, it's not easy to forget things that hurt you but it's possible to train your mind to focus on the present.

Instead of thinking about what you want to forget and refreshing the whole thing focus on the present. Focus on the moment right now. Of you make it great you can create a beautiful past.

Things that break and shatter us leave us feeling heavy, we have to make an effort of working on ourselves. It's amazing to know that we are the only person who can be changed. We all have constantly wanted to change everyone cause we feel they need to be better. But guess what it starts with us.

We choose to give all the attention to the people who have a problem with us, just refocus and give this attention to people who want your time and energy. Baby steps is what makes it all possible.

Today is never gonna come again.. Lets spend our time mindfully, with a focus on peace and joy. Let go the ILLUSION of control.

Sending loads of love, peace, prayers to those who going through tough times emotionally, financially, physical and mental health..


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